When God Closes a Door

Soon to be published in the Kansas Mail Order Bride SeriesWhen God Closes a Door.

Look for this sweet story of strength and promise on Amazon in mid-March, 2016.

Here’s an excerpt:

“Even as we lay him to rest in the Earth, Seth looks down on us. Grieve not for our brother. Though this day we have sustained a great loss, we know in our hearts that he is dancing with joy in the Kingdom of Heaven.” With these final words, Father Gregory nodded towards the grave diggers. The family began clearing away. They were holding one another, carrying each other’s burdens. A few speaking to the shaking shoulders of the sobbing mother with words meant to convey love and condolence.

While the others moved farther from Seth’s body, Celia took a step closer to him. She longed, shamefully, to join him there where he lay, peacefully accepting the dirt being tossed onto the wood of his coffin. She took another step closer to the dark hole in the ground that was stealing her husband from her, then another. Rain began to pour over her, soaking through her black dress. She moved forward until she could gaze down at the plain wood masking the face of her husband. She heard the drum of the rain accompanied by the steady thumps of dirt beginning to fill Seth’s grave. She listened and accepted, as tears rolled continuously from her eyes, that she would hear the sounds of her husband leaving her alone in the world until her dying day.

“Come now, come now. We can’t stand here in the rain, girl.” The slim figure of a rather austere looking woman presented itself through Celia’s blurred vision. The prematurely lined face peered into her own and then sighed. She was silent for a moment. “It will do you no good to despair. He is with our Lord now.” Celia gazed unseeingly into the pit before her, then started as her aunt’s hand grasped her own. An uncharacteristic look of sympathy crossed the woman’s face for a moment as she gave Celia’s hand a tight squeeze. “I know, child. I know.” They gazed for another moment in silence beneath the rain before her aunt pulled Celia’s hand through the crook of her elbow and turned them both forcefully away from the grave.