Western Socialite

Soon to be published in the Kansas Mail Order Bride SeriesThe Western Socialite.

Look for this sweet story of disappointment, fear, and survival on Amazon in mid-March, 2016.

Here’s an excerpt:

“What in God’s name are you speaking of?” Helene Milton demanded of her husband.

She had heard the words clearly enough but the implications refused to sink into her brain. It was too horrifying to take in.

“Helene, please don’t make this worse than it already is,” Geoffrey said, sweat dripping along his hairline.

She screwed her eyes unable to believe that Geoffrey did not grasp the consequences of his words. “Hard?”

His eyes shifted about, searching for somewhere to escape. Unable to sit still on the bed where she was perched, Helene sprang to her feet, a sharp pain shooting up her back at the rapid movement. She could not think clearly.

“Surely you can’t mean that?” she demanded, the fog in her brain evaporating. “There must be something you can do?”

Geoffrey shook his head and then dropped it. “I have spoken to all my friends and business associates. Nobody can help.”

Her blood grew hot as it coursed through her veins. Helene felt as if her head was wrapped tightly in a blanket and she couldn’t breathe. She gasped and clutched at a sudden pain in her chest.

“Helene!” Geoffrey cried out.

“I’m fine!” Helene snapped and sat back down.

She wanted to sob but in all of her fifty years she had never once cried and she was not about to start now.

“What about Victoria?” Helene wailed.

Geoffrey shrugged helplessly and she felt hysteria rise in her chest. Did he not comprehend that their only child’s future depended on their social standing?

Her head shot up. “How will she get a husband? Geoffrey you must do everything in your power to ensure that she gets a good marriage. After that, we’ll know what to do.”