Reclaiming Hope

The name of the heroine for this story is Eva. I named this character Eva after my Grandmother’s baby sister. She was spoiled as a child because she was the youngest of four sisters. She married a wealthy man who adored her and treated her like a queen. You’d think that she grew up to be an entitled snob, She didn’t.

They couldn’t have children and that was always a deep sadness for her. She enjoyed her nieces and nephews as a result. She was involved in their lives until the day she died.

She lived in the same community she grew up in and lived in the same house she moved into when she got married for sixty some odd years. During that time, she took in many children and families who needed help and served the community she loved time and again. Her mother, my great-grandmother, lived with her and her wonderful husband, Paul, for 15 years until she died at the age of 93.

The Eva in Reclaiming Hope wasn’t modeled after my great-aunt, but she did have many of the same qualities. Caring for children who needed help was a driving force for who Eva Rutledge was in the quaint town of Evergreen, Colorado. Losing her parents at the age of 12 and living in an orphanage for the next six years molded her desire to help children who were alone.

See what happens to lead Eva to a place where she could help those she wanted to save.