Rowena Oakton is resigned to getting through the time she must spend as a saloon girl to pay off her uncle’s debt. When she finds out even more disturbing news about his arrangement, she knows she has to take charge of her life. The decision is a hasty one that leaves her in the lurch. She knows she’ll find a way, she just hopes that way comes to light soon. She’s full of suspicion about everyone she meets. She’s rarely met anyone she can trust.

When she meets Susannah and Lucas Jessup, she’s not sure she can trust them. She’s giving them a chance because her options are so limited. When she finds out a sneaky little detail, will the little trust she’s managed to feel for them be shattered? Will the man she’s grown to care about be part of the scheme?

Rowena and Jeb will be available in January, 2018.









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